So why a Portal 2 themed room?

While I was waiting for my pre-ordered HTC Vive to show up. I decided I was going to need more room than where my gaming computer was at that time.

So I decided that our empty shed was being wasted and to make it into an area where I could move my gaming stuff into and wife can have a gym. Somewhere along the planning route I decided that it would be great to turn the area into one of my favourite games Portal. Also that Valve were partnered with HTC for the Vive it just made more sense.

Please note this is a continuing project and is far from finished. See construction details below and I will be adding and will update pictures as more is done.

Have updated due to finishing the button Pedestal you can see in pictures below




Basically started out with a shed so lined the walls and roof with 7mm Plywood sheets 2.4m x 1.2m.



Then I spray painted all the ply with a colour called Nightsky which is a colourbond colour but basically black.



Next I taped up the ceiling with painters masking tape into squares to make it look similar to the Portal ceilings and sprayed a colour called Domino it’s a Dulux paint colour. Which after opening a screen shot in gimp and using the eyedrop tool I then used the hex code on this site to find the closest colours in paint brands. Once sprayed and paint dry I removed the tape.


Next I cut plywood sheets into 1.2m x .600 cm sheets for the wall panels. I also cut some 100cm x 100cm and some varying other sizes.


Sprayed these a Dulux colour called Lexicon and at 1/2 strength once again using the eyedropper tool to find the closest colour to the portal room I had screen captured.



Next I made the escape door I brought some 2.4m x 1.2m MDF and found the centre and with a screw drilled into the centre some string and a pencil drew a circle which I then cut out with a jigsaw. I then cut in half and trimmed the bottom so it had a similar shape to the door I had screen captured. I then used the pencil and string to draw the circle shapes on the door.

Also draw the the other items on the door and masked it all up with masking tape. I then proceeded to paint the areas with colours as close as I could get

Door ring: Domino

Door ring: cb night sky

Door sign: licorice green

Exit symbol:  chalk blu

I then cut some shapes into the door with a jigsaw to give it more depth. Once done I attached to the plywood wall at the position I wanted. Then I got some xps polystyrene and made the ring around the door to give the look of depth. Cut curved pieces out of the xps polystyrene and painted 4 coats in Night Sky (black) again.


Once that was done I then proceeded to screw up the wall panels with a small gap between to give a similar effect as the panels in portal. I also made some black wall panels with a light black stripe to kind of get the effect of some of the panels in portal. Next I cut some holes in one ply wall with a dremel cutting tool for the blue lights. I then put some cable LED lights in behind the holes and got some blue plastic plates that were a similar colour and cut these to put over the holes. On 2 of the blue covers I put the aperture science logo as it does in game.



Next I made the X sign when you have not unlocked the way out in game. Pretty much just some perspex cut into a square and a painted black X with a painted blue background on a piece of foam. Once that was done I painted the walls that were staying black a couple more times. Then  I taped up the black walls to make them look like panels and painted the lines in-between the tape Domino.


Next came the floor it was already a light grey colour so I taped up squares with painters masking tape and painted the floor in a colour called ironbark. Once dry removed the tape for a tiled effect.



Once that was done I added some LED cable lighting to the exit door and LED strip lighting to the floor for lighting effect. Also added rubber clip matts for the Vive playspace and installed the vive lighthouses and put my computer etc into the room.


Added a button Pedestal using PVC pipe, plumbing parts, LED lights, XPS polystyrene, Some white tape and paint.



That’s progress so far. Right now I am in the middle of doing a laboratory test sign for the wall



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